"Best story ever. Keep it up honey!" - Vinty's mummy


Singaporeans have reported ghost sightings of Kiki, a calligrapher who had passed away several years ago. Meanwhile, Vinty receives a mysterious letter with a flight ticket to Singapore. As an aspiring calligrapher, she must learn the truth behind those Kiki appearances.

Even in death, Kiki continues to hog the spotlight. Must Vinty remain as a nobody for as long as she lives (yeah, probably)?



Here are some of the characters you will meet in Without Within 3.


A failin—aspiring calligrapher who seems to attract only trolls, but she sure likes to fantasize about being famous while she's scrubbing restaurant toilets. The main character in the Without Within series... probably a bad idea.


Excelia is everything Vinty hopes to be. Beautiful, rich, famous, and most important, a calligraphy prodigy. Her popularity has plummeted due to a recent scandal, but as a competitor, she will do anything to become the best again.


A fashion model from the 80s and 90s. Kiki's most hardcore fans, however, know she also happened to be a gifted calligrapher. Her spirit has been spotted around Singapore as of late.


Tai's calligraphy skills surpass even Excelia's, but the world is fair, and well, let's just say Tai would make great friends with the socially awkward penguin. These days, she spends her time whinging to her food court patrons.

Longest journey yet

Players often ask for longer stories from me. Without Within 3 is double the length of WOWI 2, so while I still oppose against padding, I hope I have found a happy balance. Please enjoy Vinty's third (mis)adventure!

Travel with Vinty

Vinty travels to Singapore and Malaysia throughout Without Within 3. Just like in the WOWI 2, there will be links to real life footage of the places Vinty visits. I hope players will enjoy touring alongside Vinty as the story unfolds.


Created by: InvertMouse
Artists: Arisa-chibara, Karousel
Backgrounds: Juliastorybored
Music: Jeff Lawhead, Efe Tozan
Cabby: Miguel Moran